Introducing YULUG

by bandali on

I gave a talk at CS HUB's February 2015 tech talk, introducing YULUG (GNU/Linux User Group at York University).

The event page on the CS HUB website is no longer available (the site is now defunct), but a copy of the event's poster as well as archived slides for my talk are available.

poster for CS HUB's tech talk night on 12 February 2015

The handful of (partial) screenshots shown in the 'customizability' portion of the talk are copyright their respective creators (linked on each slide); and at this point I don't recall who created the above poster for that CS HUB tech talk night, but it certainly was not me (if you do know, please let me know). Aside from these, the rest of the slides are Copyright © 2015 Amin Bandali, and you are welcome to use them under the terms of the GNU All-permissive License:

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