What's new in Jami (LibrePlanet 2023)

by bandali on

Update (): Jami has won this year's Award for Project of Social Benefit, presented by the Free Software Foundation "to a project or team responsible for applying free software, or the ideas of the free software movement, to intentionally and significantly benefit society. This award stresses the use of free software in service to humanity."

Today I gave a talk at LibrePlanet 2023 on what's new in and about Jami since my Jami and how it empowers users talk for LibrePlanet 2021.

Here is the abstract for my talk, also available on the LibrePlanet 2023's speakers page:

Jami is free/libre software for universal communication that respects the freedoms and privacy of its users. An official GNU package, Jami is an end-to-end encrypted secure and distributed communication tool for calling, conferencing, messaging, and file transfer. Jami has end-user applications across multiple operating systems and platforms, as well as multiple APIs and a plugin system for building upon and extending Jami as a framework for secure and private communication.

This talk gives an update on what's new in and about Jami since bandali's "Jami and how it empowers users" talk at LibrePlanet 2021.

Presentation slides: pdf (with notes, only notes) | bib
LaTeX sources: tar.gz | zip
Video: webm

I will add the presentation video once the conference recordings have been processed and published by the Free Software Foundation. You can watch the presentation video below:

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