What is Gopher?

by bandali on

From RFC 1436:

The Internet Gopher protocol is designed primarily to act as a
distributed document delivery system.  While documents (and services)
reside on many servers, Gopher client software presents users with a
hierarchy of items and directories much like a file system.  In fact,
the Gopher interface is designed to resemble a file system since a
file system is a good model for locating documents and services.  [...]

Sounds...familiar? You might have guessed it: the Gopher protocol is the predecessor of the web. "Why would I possibly want to use Gopher in the 21st century", you ask? Well, for a variety of reasons; chief among them being the absence of bloatware and malware in form of millions of bytes of nonfree JavaScript programs delivered to and executed on your computer right in your web browser.

I don't know about you, but I've had more than enough of this brave new "modern" web of nonsense. I have come to seek and enjoy the comfort and quiet of gopherholes. As such, I have extended that to my own site, making it available via Gopher as well. To connect with Gopher, you will need a Gopher client, or you could just use Lynx or even curl.

When ready, point your Gopher client at the following address to visit this site via Gopher: