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Hi, welcome to my homepage! I'm Amin Bandali (or just bandali) and I'm a computing scientist and a free/libre software activist. I am a GNU maintainer of Jami and GNUzilla and IceCat, and I wear a few other hats around the GNU Project as well. I'm also an ex-intern and current volunteer with the Free Software Foundation.

You can contact me via email by writing to or, optionally encrypting it using my GPG key. If you are expecting an email from me but seem to have not received it, please check your Spam or Junk folder. Although I never send spam and my mail server is standards-compliant, my legitimate emails to you might end up in your spam folder or completely rejected by your email provider behind your back, thanks to their inaccurate or overly aggressive spam filters, with little notice or recourse for appeal. Ironically, some of these providers are major sources of outbound spam (looking at you, Google), which they seem completely fine with. As such, if you are expecting an email from me but after a while you still don't see any in your inbox (or spam) folder, please try emailing me using a different email provider, hopefully one with a sane spam filter that does not reject legitimate, non-spam emails.

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My articles on topics and issues I care about.

14 September 2019
How I do my computing


Some of the talks and presentations I've given over the years.

20 March 2022
LibrePlanet 2022: The Net beyond the Web

20 March 2021
LibrePlanet 2021: Jami and how it empowers users

30 June 2020
A Comprehensive Study of Declarative Modelling Languages

17 June 2017
The Magic of Specifications and Type Systems

12 February 2015
Introducing YULUG

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